10 Tips for pregnancy during COVID-19

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Being pregnant can be overwhelming enough alone. Throw a world wide pandemic into the mix and it can become very scary. Due to the corona virus being so new to the world and its not just your common cold or the flu, it has given everyone a sense of the unknown, as well as expecting mothers. I have created some tips to make Lockdown feel less strenuous and can also make it a bit more enjoyable, here they are.

Follow the government and nhs’ advice!

Pregnant women have been included in the moderate risk category for corona virus however there isn’t any evidence as of yet to say whether you are more at risk of catching Corona virus if you are pregnant. https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/coronavirus-covid-19/people-at-higher-risk/pregnancy-and-coronavirus/

It Is also important that you follow the governments advice by wearing a mask when ever you are in a place that states you need to wear one (full list can be found by clicking the link below) https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/face-coverings-when-to-wear-one-and-how-to-make-your-own/face-coverings-when-to-wear-one-and-how-to-make-your-own

Due to the nhs and who not knowing the risk corona virus poses on pregnant women a lot of work places have kept pregnant women either working from home (if they can do so) or on furlough.

Attending midwife or ante natal appointments!

Its so important to continue to attend your midwife appointments, even during the pandemic. Obviously if you have corona virus symptoms or someone in your household does then let your midwife know straight away and they will be able to guide you on what to do. However, assuming you don’t have any symptoms you need to go to your check ups, scans etc. so they can not only check you are ok but also check on the babies development.

Keeping busy!

If you are on furlough it can be very easy to spend all day watching your watch list on Netflix. There’s nothing wrong with that however doing that for 7 days a week is not the greatest idea either, especially when we’ve been in lockdown for the past 20 weeks in the uk. I found it beneficial to write a list at the start of the day of things I wanted to get done. Even if they were very small things. Here’s a couple of ideas of what I put on my list day to


  • Wash up
  • Hoover living room
  • Sort through washing
  • Look up some recipes to cook for teas
  • Do something you enjoy!

Doing something you enjoy will make your day go a lot quicker. It could be sewing, colouring, baking (banana bread seems to be a popular choice during the start of lockdown) or even organising.

Decorating babies room!

If you’re finding you’ve got a lot spare time on your hands and you have a willing partner who has too and is willing to help, then starting to look at how your going to decorate your babies room will also help time go quicker. I waited until I was 16 weeks pregnant until I started to look at how we wanted our babies room to be decorated but everyone is different. If your partner is comfortable doing diy, its even better. You can be helpful by giving them directions as to where things need to go or if something needs to be taken down and they can be helpful by well… doing it.

Try cooking from scratch!

While I have been off work I have realised how much I missed cooking as it became something of a chore to cook a nice meal while myself and my partner were working full

time and long hours too. It doesn’t have to cost the earth either. Due to being advised to self isolate by my midwife we have been doing our shopping on click and collect to avoid any unnecessary contact with crowds of people all battling for bags of pasta. Using click and collect also kept the cost down for us as we would only order what we needed and wasn’t tempted by the chocolate and sweet isle or the bogof offers at the end of every isle.

Host a house party or zoom quiz!

With being very close to my family and used to seeing them nearly every weekend I found it very hard when lockdown was introduced and contact with family meant calling them to talk instead of doing so face to face. We started to host weekly quizzes through facetime and even my 80 something year old uncle and aunt got involved (although we have had some technical difficulties). It has meant we have been able to see each other without breaking our isolation bubbles and have fun too. When it was mine and my partners turn to host it fell on the weekend where we found out the gender of our baby. So we have a virtual gender reveal and had questions surrounding the gender of our baby and revealed what we were having at the end.

Go for daily walks!

We may as well make use of the nice weather by going on daily walks. However always remember to take some water with you. Were very lucky where we live and there is some fields nearby where we don’t need to drive to get to so we have been walking around them regularly. However, I am finding it more difficult to walk (sorry waddle) longer distances as I reach my due date in 12 weeks. Just remember to only do what you know you are capable of and take it easy.

Washing baby clothes!

If your like me and your due date is fast approaching then you’ll be looking at washing your baby clothes soon. It’ll keep you busy for a couple of hours or so and you’ll be able to see if there’s anything else you need.

Packing your hospital bag!

As your due date gets closer and you’ve chosen to give birth in a hospital or birthing centre then you’ll be wanting to pack yours and baby’s hospital bags. I have chosen to take a cabin sized suitcase for myself and my changing bag for baby and anything else that doesn’t fit in his bag will go in my case. Packing your hospital bag in advance will also mean you’re not running around with a towel in-between your legs if your waters have broken and its not packed yet. I’m aiming to have mine packed by the time I’m 30ish weeks.

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