Things to pack for your birthing partner

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As well as packing a bag for yourself and one for baby, you might want to think about including some things for your birthing partner. whether your birthing partner is your husband, mom or a close friend, you don;t know how ling they are going to be with for and that can be very daunting for them especially if they haven't bought any of their own home comforts.

Due to the majority of expectant mothers not knowing how long they’ll be in hospital for it might be nice for your partner to choose a couple of things to put in your bag (if theres any room) to help along the way.

T-shirt/ top

Your partner might want to pack a t-shirt or two, especially if they are planning on holding the baby as soon as they have been born. They will also get very hot sweaty so a few t- shirts isn’t a bad idea.


Hospital chairs are notoriously uncomfortable at the best of times let alone when you’ve got to sleep in one and spend a lot of time in one. A pillow will help make it more comfortable for them.

Phone charger

They may be wanting to charge their phone especially if you have a long wait so packing an extra charger isn’t a bad idea.


including a small deodorant will mean they can freshen up during the day or night and not have to worry about the fact they haven’t showered in two days due to being on a labour ward.


As well as you packing snacks to eat and keep yoruself energised during labour, it might be an idea for them to pack some of their favourite snacks. Things like biscuits and sweets might be an idea as they are high in sugar and will give a fast release of energy.


If your birthing partner is anything like my husband and is fussy about what water they drink then taking some squash or isotonic drinks with you will be handy and also it means you can share if its a squash you enjoy.

Pants/ boxers

Packing a pair or two of pants or boxers for them isn’t a bad idea either and means they can freshen up a bit.

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