Things to pack in babies hospital bag

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If your due dates fast approaching, you might want to look at packing your baby’s hospital bag as well as your own. You might want to look at doing this at around 32-34 weeks, so you can check you’ve got everything and if not you can pick whatever it is you need up from the shops or order it online.

Due to the current pandemic many hospitals in England are recommending you pack your bags for a 48 hour stay regardless of how you are planning to give birth, so bear that in mind when packing for both yourself and your new bundle of joy.

Here is a list of things to pack for your baby:

If there’s no room In your bag hold babies things then your going to need a bag. You could take your chosen baby changing bag as this may make it easier.


Obviously depending on the weather will depend on which ones you will pack. I will be taking short sleeved ones in my bag as I am due to give birth in October and the hospitals are also kept warm. I will be taking 5 just in case we have any surprise leaks and any spit up or sick incidents.

Sleep suits

Most sleepsuits now come with fold over scratch mittens so there’s an added bonus for you. I recommend taking 5 again in case of leaks etc. I also recommend taking 2 different sizes. Due to being told throughout my pregnancy that I will be having a larger and longer baby I am going to take 2 in new-born and 3 in 0-3 just in case he is a whooper.


Again I will be taking extra with me just in case but babies need to wear hats more so when they are new born while their bodies learn the ability to regulate their body temperature.

Scratch mittens

Just in case the sleepsuits you have bought don’t come with them, it might be an idea to buy some just in case as they prevent their nails from scratching and breaking their delicate skin.


Pretty self explanatory as to why they need these, however a lot of sleep suits come with feet built into them not but its not a bad idea to pack a couple of pairs just in case. Around 3 pairs should be enough (length of stay depending).


Some first time expectant moms I have spoken to or seen on social media expect the hospital to provide nappies. That’s not the case as your expected to bring your own. New born babies can need their nappy changing anywhere up to 10 times a day so I wouldn’t just pack a couple. You can buy a pack of 24 size 0 pampers nappies for as little as £3.50. These should be enough although it doesn’t hurt to pack some more.


This will be for during their sleep to help keep them warm.

Muslin squares. These are idea to use as a wipe for any spit up and can also be used as burping cloths.

A pram suit. If you are giving birth in the chillier months, then you’ll need a pram suit to help keep your little one warm on the journey home.

An outfit for going home. A lot of people choose a special outfit to take their baby home in and its something that they choose to keep as a memory.

Depending on whether you are choosing to solely breast feed or combination feed or just bottle feed will depend on this last one.

Formula milk. You can now buy ready to feed bottles that also come with teats so its quicker and easier than having to prepare milk for your baby in those first few hours/ days after birth.

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